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CMC carbide alloy magnetic chuck for grinding

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CMC carbide alloy magnetic chuck for grinding

11magnetic chuck grinding-process
11magnetic chuck drilling-process
11magnetic chuck for edm process
11magnetic chuck wire-edm
The CMC magnetic chuck is suitable for holding carbide alloy parts, used for woodworking during re-grinding operations.

It is especially suited for linear or surface grinders because the supporting bed is parallel with the magnetic surface.

 The chuck has a strong holding power because the tools lay directly onto the magnets and so you can re-sharpen very small pieces. The upper part of the chuck is made of BRASS, and that grants a longer life of the tool. The magnetic chuck can be both secured to any type of magnetic chuck and mechanically bolted by means of the four holes around the edges, aligning or flanking a number of chucks.

How to use Permanent magnetic chuck?

CMC magnetic chuck do not have two-layer switchable structure, that means the magnetic holding force always exists. So, if we want to remove the wordpiece from the surface, we should slide them to the edge and then take them away one by one.

ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (kg)

5-sided machining is possible in one clamp
Energy saving, no electric power supply during clamping
Workpieces larger than table surface are machinable
Reduced consumption of tools
Improved finishing and greater accuracies
More convenient and high efficiency

It is suitable also for smaller work-pieces.
It can be used on most straight knife grinding machines, and can be fixed on either a standard magnetic chuck or a mechanical table.

Standard Accessories—
1 set of FPM chuck
2 side stopper
2 pcs of chuck clamps
1 allen wrench
Instruction manual
Quality report

Option accessories—
Pole extensions
Customized poles pitch

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