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CM Permanent Electromagnet controller

All For Magnetic Workholdings, Liftings, Tools, Filters......

CM Permanent Electromagnet controller

CM controller contains one main controller and a hand-remote control unit. And if necessary, one CM  controller could also control more than 8 pcs of PEM chuck at the same time.
Working voltage:200~400 v

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Control system for PEM chuck

Flexible control unit could be choosed according to both standard and customized poles layout. The working voltage (200~400v) and frequency(50/60Hz) are also available according to request.

Fast connector for PEM chuck

We use fast high performance fast connector to connect the chuck and cable/controller. Only 2~3 seconds in need for a experienced worker, which could imporved the working efficiency a lot.


Junction box for PEM chucks

Multi PEM chucks could be controlled by one CM controller with the help of juction box.

Multi Permanent electromagnetic chucks

Pls contact us to know how to choose suited controller for Permanent Electromagnetic Chuck

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