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RPEM rail machining electro-permanent magnet

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RPEM rail machining electro-permanent magnet

11magnetic chuck milling-process
11magnetic chuck grinding-process
11magnetic chuck drilling-process
RPEM series is designed for rail machining application. It combines two PEM50 chuck, one vertical and one horizontal. The pole extensions have the corresponding sharp with the steel rails.
Pole size:50 ×50mm
Holding force: 14tons/m
Magnetic field depth:10mm
Wearing limit: 8mm

Control system for PEM chuck

Flexible control unit could be choosed according to both standard and customized poles layout. The working voltage (200~400v) and frequency(50/60Hz) are also available according to request.

Pole extensions for PEM chuck

Pole extension could pretect magnetic chuck from wearing out and make the working life longer. Besides,  for various applications, we have different solution with the option supply of different height and sharp pole extensions.

11multi magnetic chuck for a long steel rail

Design according to customer’s special request.

5-sided machining is possible in one clamp
Energy saving, no electric power supply during clamping
Workpieces larger than table surface are machinable
Facilitated interaction with CAD/CAM system, simplified CNC or FMS programming
Reduced consumption of tools
Improved finishing and greater accuracies
More convenient and high efficiency


Standard Accessories—
1 set of PEM chuck
3m waterproof fast-connect cable
2 side stopper
Instruction manual
Quality report

Option accessories—
Control unit(Voltage and Frequency on request)
Remote controller(include 5m connect cable)
Pole extensions(Fixed and Flexible)
4 pcs of chuck clamps
Customized poles layout

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