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Magnetics Application

Magnetic workholdings and liftings are widely used in Metal Cutting, Molds & dies, Robotics, Plastics, Automotives, Steels and other various industries.

Why choose us ?

11Customized design magnetic chuck

Customized design for various application

11Jumper Magnetics manufacturing

Mature production process handle by experienced workers

11magnetic chuck holding force testing

Testing equipments similar based on Europe standard

11Permanent magnetic chuck packing

Stable packing for sea & air transportation

11Jumper Magnetics office

Amazing team-your best business assistant

11Magnetic chuck installation door-to-door

After-sale service, door-to-door installation available

Who Are We?

11Company view of Jumper Magnetics

Jumper Magnetics is a Chinese factory specialized in various kind of magnetic workholdings, like Permanent electro magnetic chucks, Permanent magnetic chucks, Lifting magnets and Magnetic tools for milling, grinding, turning, and soon…

After 10 years development, Jumper Magnetics has expanded its category to Lifting magents, Vacuum Chucks, Demagnetizers, Magnetic assemblies and also Magnetic filters.

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