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Q1: What's Permanent Electro magnetic chuck ?

A1: Permanent electro magnetic chuck is a new workholding applied in metal cutting process. Comparing to traditional clamping tools, it have the advantage of 5-sides workable at single clamp, less deformation, higher efficiency, clamping force exist even after power failure.

Q2: Permanent electromagnetic chuck(PEM chuck) VS Electromagnetic chuck(EM chuck), which one is better?

A2: Permanent electromagneitc chuck use the Neodymium magnet inside as the energy to hold metal workpieces. It’s free of power during working, except few seconds when MAG & DEMAG. While Electromagnetic chuck need continuous current to transfer into magnetic holding force. That means PEM chuck have better efficiency and accurancy and less deformation and consumptions.

FeaturesPEM chuckEM chuckTraditional workholdings
Machining surface5 side at one clamp5 side at one clamp1 side at one clamp
Power Supply at workNoYesNo
Working EfficiencyExcellentGoodLow
AccurancyVery highHighLow
Workpiece deformationLess deformationFew deformationLarge deformation
OperationEasy & FastFastHard and Slow
Tools consumptionLess consumptionMedium consumptionHigh consumption
Controled by cnc programYesNoNo

Q3: Will water cooling in my CNC machine disturbing for working with magnatic plate?

A3: The Permanent Electromagnetic chuck use high performance epoxy resin to fill in the gap of poles, and could protect the surface from coolant oil and water.