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As the main featured products of Jumper Magnetics, our electro permanent magnetic chucks could be widely used for millding, grinding, turning and other applications, with the help of various kind of pole extensions. The performance features of your machine tools and machining centres will unfold their full potential because you’ll be able to machine all five sides of your workpiece during a single setup.

With our 10 years experience in magnetic workholding & lifting industries, Jumper Magnetic keep on optimizing our design of products.

Frame:Considering to traditional welded steel frame, Jumper magnetics use monoblock steel frame which machining from one iron block. This could improve the strength and flatness of EPM chucks. And on the other side, monoblock structure could also avoid short circuit because of coolant water/oil.
11magnetic chuck monoblock-steel-frame
11copper coils magnetic chuck
Copper coil circuit: The copper coil circuit inside(EPM chucks) have better electrical conductivity than aluminum coil of Electromagnetic chucks. Copper have betters conductivity properties than Al, and the service life is much longer. Each coil contact with tin soldering, makes the connection more stable.
Epoxy resin: The gap of the surface are fulfiled with two-layer high performance epoxy resin. One layer to fill in the gaps of the inside coils and magnets. After at least 36h drying, another layer of epoxy resin will fill on the surface. Drying time play an important role in the waterproof properties of chuck.
11epoxy-resin of magnetic chuck
11high performance NdFeB magnets
NdFeB/AlNiCo Magnets: We choose the high performance N45 magnet as raw material. All the magnets are electroplated with Ni/Zn/Cr, so that they could keep good magnetism properties even at acid/soda/salt environment.
IP 67 waterproof connector: The connector are imported from Korea with IP 67 waterproof design. All the connect part are flexible connection with grease proofing elasticity material.
11fast connector for permanent electromagnetic chucks
11pole extensions for magnetic workholdings
Pole extensions: The pole extensions could help to prevent the surface from wearing of workpiece. Besides, Flexible pole extensions and speacial poles could design according to customers request.
Control systems: The fifth generation of control system for EPM chucks have 8 level holding force adjustment control. With extra inspection buttons, our customers could find the breakdown reason due to coresponding code number.
11magnetic chuck controller systems

Special solution for our customers

Apart from normal dimension PEM chucks, we Jumper Magnetics could help customers to find a solution to huge workpieces. Our rectangle PEM chucks could up to 2500×1800mm, while round PEM chucks could up to Dia 2500mm.
11large dimensions permanent electromagnetic chuck
11large circular magnetic chuck for lathe machine


11packing box of magnetic chucks

Normally, our packaging of EPM chucks have take 40 days sea-transportation into consideration. That means the permanent electro magnetic chuck is covered by multi layer packing material. Firstly is slushing oil, then oiled paper prevent slushing oil from leakage. This is just the first step of packaging. Bubble wrap between chuck and plywood will ensure surface from scratch.

For the last step, the chuck will fixed on the plywood box with at least three long bolts in case of sliding during transportation.


11horizontal machining magnetic chuck
115 axis circular magnetic chuck
11cnc machine magnetic chuck