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11metal-cutting magnetic chuck

Metal Cutting Industry

As one of the most efficiency workholding tools for metal parts/workpieces, Jumper Magnetics’ prouducts are mainly used in metal cutting industry like milling, grinding, turning, drilling, engraving, edm machining and other workholding applications.

The magnetic workholdings could ensure high accurancy, multi-side machining at a single set up, less distortion, no power supply and other advantages…

We are also looking forward to find fixture solutions for you with our knowledge in magnetic field…

11robotics magnetic chuck

Robotics & Automation Industry

Thanks to magnetic holding technology, gripping of heavy load parts are more and more easy. The magnetic gripper APEM series could be used to realize 360 degree overturn and moving for robot arm and automation line. Followed with “Industry 4.0” trend, it would be more and more widely applied to intelligent plant in the near future.  

Molds & Dies Industry

As a popular and convinient holding tools, magnetic chucks are widely used in Molds and dies industry. It helps to improve working efficiency.

11magnetic chuck applied to molds-and-die-industry
11magnetic chuck applied to plastic industry

Plastic Industry

The IPEM series is regarded as one of best assistant molding change tools for injection molding machine. It saves 90% mold change time, convinient to operate, don’t need power supply during working, less deformation….

It contains two platens and controller system and very easy to install even when you first use it.

Steels Industry

Magnetic lifting systems, includes manual lifting magnets and Permanent-electro magnetic lifters could be suitable for lifting and moving of steel sheets, plates, coils, tubes, blocks……

Permanent lifting force makes it much more safer than traditional clamping systems. Besides, it only need one contact surface to hold the steels, makes its flexible to used in various clamping situation.

11magnetic lifting for steels industry
11magnetic chuck applied to rail-traffic-industry

Rail Traffic Industry

Rail steels have unflat machining surface, that’s why its hard to produce with other workholding tools.

Whild our RPEM series product could help to solve this problem. It’s perfect suitable for curved surface with the help of special pole extensions. Multi RPEM could be used together to processing a long rail up to 12 m or even longer.

11automotive-industry magnetic chuck

Automotive Industry

Automotive industry is grows fast in recently years. PEM could be applied in the automation production line and combine its control system with the PLC program.

Shipbuilding Industry

Large frame fixturing and machining happens a lot in shipbuilding industry. Due to PEM chuck’s flexible and efficient property, it could be used to clamp the large part or frames in less deformation.

11shipbuilding-industry magnetic chuck