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PML Manual lifting magnets

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PML Manual lifting magnets

11magnetic lifting-process
PML lifting magnets is the one of the most flexible but powerful lifting assisted tools for heavy duty metal lifting and moving. Multi magnets combine a beam could work together for long steel plates, tubes, bars…The “V” block on the bottom is design for round and flate steel.
Safety factor: 3.0 times

Why 3.0 safety factor needed for lifting magnets ?

Mormally, Lifting capacity of magnet may be influenced by the following factors:

1. Material of parts: Low cabon steel have the best magnetic permeability approach 100%, then moderate carbon steel, high carbon steel. While cast iron have only 70% magnetic conductivity.

2. Air gap: the air gap between parts and magnet will surely reduce the lifting capacity. The more gaps exist, the less holding power on the parts.

3. Thickness of parts: If the parts too thin for the magnet, the magnetic holding force will be wasted and not enough power for lifting.

4. Surface condition of parts: When magnets have the best contact surface with the parts, it will create the most powerful lifting capacity. That means, holding force will reduce because of iron rust, pits and bulges…

Plate/Sheet parts lifting

Pole extension could pretect magnetic chuck from wearing out and make the working life longer. Besides,  for various applications, we have different solution with the option supply of different height and sharp pole extensions.

11magnetic lifter for steel block

Round steel parts lifting

The high performance epoxy resin filled in poles gaps could protect the chuck surface from coolant oil or water.

ModelLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)Rated load (kg)

3.5 times the recommended lifting load
Safe and convenient, with a switch handle security button, one-handed operation can be realized
Without electricity
Magnetic holding force is almost timeless
Made by high-performance magnetic materials(NdFeB)

Lifting ferrous/steel plates, blocks and round steel bars

Standard Accessories—
1 set of lifting magnet
Instruction manual
Quality report

Option accessories—
Customized design

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